Pavo Cristatus

Indian Peafowl

Affectionately known as Andrew and Dave, our Peacocks delight our guests every spring and summer with their beautiful tail feathers (called a train) and their courtship displays, which are completely wasted on the local pigeon population! 

Free to roam the park as they like, some of our guests get quite a fright when they are greeted by either Andrew or Dave in the car park when they arrive. 

Favourite pastimes of our peacocks include trying to steal chips from guests in the park and enjoying the cool shade under the trees on a hot summer day. 

Did You Know?

Discover fun facts about animals below. Plus, you can find out the story of each animal that’s in our family!


Only makes are ‘Peacocks’. Females are actually ‘Peahens’ and babies are ‘Peachicks’. Together, they make up ‘Peafowl’


Peacocks don’t start growing their beautiful feathres until they’re three years old.


Peacocks shed their train each year after mating season.


The average lifespan is 20 years, and their tail feathers can grow to over 1.5m long!

Meet Our Peacock Family

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