At Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary, we believe that experiences help visitors discover more about their local wildlife, both marine and terrestrial, and the environmental issues that we all face.  

Our interactive experiences inspire guests to take positive actions to create cleaner oceans and a safer planet for our precious wildlife. 

Here are some of the programs that we’re involved with, and would love you to participate in too:  

Pets Inside Saves Lives

Did you know that domestic pets kill millions of native animals every year, including the Little Blue Penguin? This places pressure on already threatened species, including those that are critically endangered.  

Pets Inside Saves Lives is conservation campaign to encourage responsible pet ownership. This initiative is part of the Australian Species Management Program to ensure the survival of Little Blue Penguins.  

Seal The Loop

Fishing line entanglement is a huge issue in the ocean environment, with more than 1400 seas killed by discarded fishing gear each year, and many other marine animals affected by lines and nets.  

In 2013, we partnered with the City of Coffs Harbour to join the program, placing bins around the greater Coffs Coast region to safely dispose of old fishing lines, preventing them from entering our oceans. Our team of volunteers empty the bins regularly, and have so far collected more than 150kms of fishing lines, 500 hooks and 250 bait bags, as well as lots of other rubbish! 

Sustainable Advantage Program

We have placed an environmental microscope on the sanctuary’s operations to minimise our environmental impact, and Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary is proudly a Bronze partner of the Sustainable advantage Program.  

We constantly strive to reduce our carbon footprint and aim to educate our visitors on how to do so, too.  

Wildlife Tourism Australia

Since March 2012, the Sanctuary’s EPA License requires that we publish the results of monthly tests we conduct on the water we discharge from our exhibits into the Coffs Creek. See results here

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