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Animal Carer Experience

The Animal Carer Experience (ACE) is a fantastic opportunity for kids and teens aged 8-16 to experience life as a Marine Animal Carer during school holidays in Coffs Harbour. They will get to enjoy helping feed & care for the wildlife in our park and our specialised Rehabilitation Hospital. Be warned- children will go home smelling like fish! 

Marine ‘Ed-ventures’

Our “Marine Ed-Ventures” are adventurous learning experiences for school groups. Students will get the chance to observe and interact with marine life giving them a new insight to the importance of ocean conservation. We highlight the importance of cleaning our planet and picking up litter, connect students with traditional Gumbaynggirr stories & traditions, and more.  

We offer a flexible package to suit any age, school or group, to guarantee a hands-on interactive educational lesson.  

School programs

Using the NSW board of study outcomes we have designed syllabus specific programs, which run for 30 minutes.

  • Pre-School-Marine Animals 
  • Early Stage 1-Living Things 
  • Key Stage 1-Growing and Changing 
  • Key Stage 2-Circle of Life 
  • Key Stage 3-Adaptation and Migration 
  • Key Stage 4-Classification and Adaptation 
  • Key Stage 6- year 11 & 12 
  • TAFE 

Additional Options 

For an extra cost we can also offer: 

  • Lunch 
  • Dolphin encounter & photographs 
  • 10-minute in-water experience with a dolphin, including a biology lesson and a hug photograph

Marine Ed-Venture Itinerary 

Dolphin Marine Conservation Park would like to introduce to you our Marine Ed-Venture program! We offer a flexible package to suit any age, school or group, to guarantee a hands-on interactive educational lesson. 

Program running time is 2 ¾ hours, and can be organised for either morning or afternoon sessions. Special arrangements can be made to suit individual/group needs upon request. Content of the program is dependent upon group numbers, but typically comprises of:

  • Welcomed at the park entrance and accompanied into reserved seating to our Marine Discovery Presentation.
  • Seal hug interaction, including complimentary photographs.
  • 30-Minute syllabus based lesson with one of our Marine Mammal Specialists 
  • Self-guided tours of our marine park- including our little blue penguins, marine and freshwater turtles and Solitary Reef exhibit which is home to a variety of sharks and fish.
  • A specialised conservation talk focused on our animals and the rescue and rehabilitation.

Marine presentations

We offer daily marine presentations which help provide park guests with a firsthand experience to bond with our beautiful marine animals. Throughout the daily presentations, you get to see how our marine biologists have trained each animal to perform manoeuvres for medical checks and exercise. 


We are so fortunate to have been involved with many research activities and projects of the past 50 years! We’ve worked with a wide range of students and teachers from top universities like the University of New England, Southern Cross University, the University of Sydney, and more. 

Are you interested in doing a marine biology research project at Dolphin Marine Conservation Park? 

Get in touch by filling in the form below if you’re interested in: 

  • Marine Biology or Marine Science Thesis Project in NSW 
  • University Level Marine Biology or Marine Science Projects in NSW 
  • Marine Biology Student Projects or Activities in NSW 
  • Combined Research Projects

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