The Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary rescue program ensures the safety and wellbeing of our precious marine wildlife – including marine mammals and marine birds. We proudly lead the charge in aiding injured animals through rehabilitation, embodying our mission to support the wellbeing of Australian wildlife through rehabilitation, conservation, education and research. 

Helping injured marine wildlife.

Rescue. Rehabilitation. Release.

Sea Turtles Rescued Last Financial Year
Sea Birds Rescued Last Financial Year
New Zealand Fur Seals Rescued & Released

Over the past financial year, our dedicated team has:  

  • Rescued more than 100 sea turtles. These incredible creatures often face threats from various sources, have found a lifeline in our marine rescue program. Through careful attention and expert care, we facilitate their recovery, and eventual return to their natural habitat.  
  • Rescued more than 240 sea birds: Winged wonders of the ocean, these sea birds – which include pelicans, shearwaters (locally known as the mutton bird), have faced injuries or distressed. They were rescued and provided with the necessary care to soar once again.  
  • Rescued and released 2 New Zealand Fur Seals: These charismatic marine mammals were given a second chance at life thanks to our efforts.

Noah, The New Zealand Fur Seal

Watch a video of our recent release of Noah, the New Zealand Fur Seal.

Rescued in August 2023 from Wenonah Headland, this resilient seal faced the challenges of sever malnourishment and an eye injury. Upon arrival at Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary, our dedicated team embarked on a journey of rehabilitation and care. Through meticulous medical attention, we witnessed a remarkable transformation, and were able to release Noah to the ocean in early November 2023.  


We’re working to expand our marine rescue and rehabilitation services by building an all species wildlife triage hospital right here in Coffs Harbour. The hospital’s education program and visitor centre will raise awareness for our local wildlife and the health of the habitat, and advocate for the conservation of wildlife along the Coffs Coast and nationally.  Our focus is injured, sick, stranded and orphaned marine wildlife including sea turtles, sea birds, sea lions and dolphins but we welcome all wildlife in need of our expert care as a first step to rehabilitation and recovery. 

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Join the eco-grom program

Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary is looking for young eco-warriors to join our ‘EcoGroms‘ team. This six-week after-school program is perfect for kids on the Coffs Coast who love marine animals and all things marine biology. Participants receive special privileges including exclusive invitations to rehabilitated sea turtle releases and more. Great Birthday Gift idea. 

Learn to rescue sea turtles and help them survive

Rescue Volunteer Workshop - 24 February 2024

Sea Turtle Rescue Workshop

What do you do if you see a sick or injured sea turtle? How do you help a seal in distress?  

Join qualified and experienced Marine Science experts from the Coffs Coast

Wildlife Sanctuary to learn the skills that you’ll need to identify and rescue an injured marine animal and increase their chances of survival.  

Specifically, this course covers sea turtles, whales, dolphins and seals.

When: Saturday 24 February 2024  

Time:   9 am – 3pm with lunch break – lunch available from the Peckish Penguin Café (not included)

Where: Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary, Coffs Harbour 

Includes: one day workshop led by our marine care experts. Includes entry to Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary and hands-on demonstrations of care and handling of sea turtles, anatomy of seals. On completion of this one-day course, volunteers will be certified by the Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary for three consecutive years.  Annual member ship to the sanctuary for all year entry and discounts for friends and family, 15% of gift shop, peckish penguin drinks, events and more. Includes CCWS rescue high vis vest. 

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