Turtle Rescued This Financial Year
Turtles Release This Financial Year


Since 1970, we’ve always focussed on marine animal rehabilitation. We’re passionate about marine life, and with the growing rate of ocean plastics and pollution, unfortunately, more and more marine animals are brought to us for our help.  

From fishing hooks stuck in throats, fishing wire in bellies, and injuries caused by human interaction such as boats, our marine animal care team has worked tirelessly to rehabilitate and release hundreds of animals including dolphins, seals, turtles, and seabirds. Our rehabilitation efforts at Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary truly give these animals a second chance at life. 

The Sanctuary is currently developing plans to build a specialised marine and native wildlife triage hospital in Coffs Harbour. 

Our Accreditations & Partnerships

  • All animal rehabilitation services at Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary are self-funded by the sanctuary, with no external financial support  
  • Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary is the only facility in NSW licensed by NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services to rescue and rehabilitate dolphins on site.  
  • We are also one of only two facilities in NSW licensed to rescue and rehabilitate Australian sea lions and seals on site.
  • We work with WIRES and ORRCA Inc to assist in marine animal emergencies.  
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