Getting prepared for School Holidays!!


Getting prepared for School Holidays!!

In readiness for the upcoming school holidays and to make your visit to Dolphin Marine Conservation Park a little more relaxed in these COVID times, we
are introducing some small changes.

Entry to the park.

  • We have installed a process to eliminate the need for you to physically sign in and register your contact details and add another level of protection
    for your privacy. The system allows you to scan a QR Code with the camera on your phone, which will take you directly to the government contact
    tracing register. Enter your details and then simply show the screen to our team member when you pay for your entry. We have placed the QR
    Code at the door for you to scan to allow you time to complete registration prior to payment. Easy.
  • You will notice protective screening between you and our team member for additional safety.
  • Choose morning (9-11) or afternoon (12-2). Each visit lasts two hours, time to see all of our beautiful animals and enjoy the presentation at our
    main pool.
  • Hand sanitiser available at various locations
  • Hand sanitiser and face masks available for purchase. Face masks are recommended however not compulsory.
  • Covid marshals rostered on each day to ensure we are abiding by Covid regulations. Look for the Covid marshal who will be wearing a bright yellow
    colored vest and a badge
  • Note: The park will be closed from 11 to 12 to allow our team to clean the park and sanitise all touch points.

  • In the Park.
  • Once you enter the park you are free to roam the grounds and acquaint yourself with the beautiful animals in our care. We have introduced a QR
    Code system at each of the enclosures which provides information on the animals you’re viewing. Simply scan the code with the camera on your
    phone and it will take you to our virtual site. Simply choose the animal you wish to learn about and hear one of our expert animal behaviourists
    sharing important information and fun facts. Please feel free to ask a team member any questions you may have about the information system
    or the animals.
  • Don’t be surprised if you see a seal being escorted from one part of the park to another, undertaking a husbandry session or going for a walk with
    its trainer. And, keep an eye out for Dave and Andrew, our resident peacocks, wandering around the gardens.
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