Miki was born on the 2nd July 2022 to parents, Miri (first time Mum) and Ozzie. This adorable Australian sea lion pup has won the hearts of all our team members at the park and guests who have been lucky enough to spot him in a VIP Behind the Scenes Tour. He is very curious and enjoys exploring his surroundings and playing with his enrichment toys and his devoted trainers. When he’s not napping, you can always hear Miki’s distinctive voice ringing across the park. Miki is little brother to three-year-old Hugo. The pair can often be seen ‘wrestling’ like human boys or playing tag in the water!

Footnote: Miki was born as part of the Australasian Species Management Program to ensure the survival of endangered Australian sea lions. Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary has the most successful track record for breeding Australian sea lions in the world!

Born on

July 2, 2022 at Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary; Father - Ozzie; Mother - Miri

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