Freshwater Turtles

Macquarie Short Neck Turtle & Eastern Long Neck Turtle

Freshwater Turtles

We have a total of 7 Freshwater Turtles in our care here at the Sanctuary. 5 of these are Macquarie Short Neck turtles and 2 of these are Eastern Long Neck turtles. 

Did You Know?

Discover fun facts about animals below. Plus, you can find out the story of each animal that’s in our family!


Macquarie Short Neck Turtles are omnivorous, which means they eat a considerable amount of plant material, as well as invertebrates.


The Eastern Long Neck Turtle has adapted to hunt by being able to wrap their neck sideways under their shell as they move toward their prey. When they are close, like a snake, their neck strikes out fast, catching their prey by surprise.

Emydura Macquarii

Macquarie Short Neck Turtle

Chelodina Longicollis

Eastern Long Neck Turtle

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