Eudyptula Minor

Little Blue Penguins

Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary has a flock of 19 Little Blue Penguins living at the Sanctuary.  

Most of the oldest birds were rescued from local Coffs Harbour beaches with injuries that prevented their release, whilst the younger penguins have either hatched here at the Sanctuary or were transferred from other facilities as part of the Managed Australian Little Penguin species conservation program.  

All of the penguins at the Sanctuary wear leg bands to make them easily identifiable to our mammal specialist teams.  

Did You Know?

Discover fun facts about animals below. Plus, you can find out the story of each animal that’s in our family!


Their scientific name is Eudyptula minor.


Their blue colour is unique across all penguin species.


They are mainly nocturnal on land, meaning that they like to be active at night.


They can be extremely noisy!

Meet Our Penguin Family

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