Tursiops Aduncus

Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins

The dolphins at the Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary were born here as the offspring of dolphins that had been rescued.  

The founding dolphins at the sanctuary were unfortunately injured so severely that they were deemed unable to be released by government authorities because they would not have survived in the wild.  

Breeding of dolphins on site ceased in 2018, and our three remaining dolphins are unable to be released into the wild, so they are now vital ambassadors for their species and environmental care, and play an important role in research and education programs.  

Did You Know?

Discover fun facts about animals below. Plus, you can find out the story of each animal that’s in our family!


Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins gain spots on their bellies as they age.


They use whistles, clicks and pulses to find food.


They enjoy eating squid, octopus and fish.


They often blow bubbles underwater, which is a hunting technique!

Meet Our Dolphin Family

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