UPDATE April 2023: Storm is currently residing at Taronga Zoo in Sydney as part of the Australasian Species Management Program to ensure the survival of endangered Australian Sea Lions. Storm swapped places with Moby (born October 2017) who has come to stay with us at Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary. We’re hoping that Storm and Moby will mate with their new female counterparts and refresh the gene pool for endangered sea lions in Australia. Watch this space and our social pages for more updates. Who will become a new seal pup daddy first? Storm or Moby?

Storm was born to first-time parents, Athena and Rocky, in December 2016. He is a fast learner and participated enthusiastically in training sessions with his carers.

He loves attention and has a playful personality. Storm likes playing with all types of toys with his trainers in and out of the water. When not playing he’s often spotted sleeping in unusual positions and places!

Storm was only the second Australian Sea Lion born in human care within 7 years. His birth sparked new optimism for this species. With less than 6,500 left in the wild, Australian sea lions are listed as endangered by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).

Footnote: Since Storm’s birth in December 2016, Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary has welcomed Hugo (born in September 2019 and Miki (born in July 2022)! Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary has the most successful track record for breeding Australian sea lions in the world! The future of Australian sea lions is looking bright.

Born on

December 5, 2016 at Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary; Father - Rocky; Mother - Athena

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