Toby’s Awesome Fundraising Journey: Saving Turtles and Having Fun!


Toby's Awesome Fundraising Journey: Saving Turtles and Having Fun!

Meet Toby Mitchell, the 13 year old making a real difference at the Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary. In the past five years, Toby’s raised a whopping $6,050, and it all began when he joined the Sanctuary’s Ecogrom’s program as a nine year old.  

Back in 2020, Toby and his family started visiting the Sanctuary on their annual pilgrimage from greater Sydney to the Coffs Coast. Toby, being the animal lover and curious kid he is, was able to experience some amazing educational encounters in the Sanctuary’s Eco Groms program, designed to give a hands-on experience to kids for animal care and conservation.  

“I love visiting Coffs Coast wildlife sanctuary and seeing all the marine animals, especially learning more and more about them and how to look after them,” said Toby.  “We shouldn’t take our marine animals for granted and we need to protect them.” 

Toby’s big heart, especially for helping sick turtles, led him to blend his commitment to wildlife conservation with his annual Christmas stall in the Sutherland Shire. His annual stalls became the canvas for his creativity, writing and illustrating children’s stories (each with a conservation message), and expanding to other items such as cards, calendars and bookmarks. 

Hours spent meticulously painting each item, and weekends braving market stalls, underscore the commitment of this young philanthropist.  

Tiga Cross, Managing Director of the Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary, commended Toby’s efforts, emphasising the impact his contributions would have on marine animal conservation. The funds raised by Toby are earmarked for the development of crucial animal rehabilitation resources, including the establishment of an animal hospital. 

For Toby, the journey is not just about raising funds but fostering a deep connection with the sanctuary’s mission. His dream of becoming a vet aligns with a broader vision of contributing to the establishment of a hospital at the sanctuary, specifically geared towards aiding sick and injured turtles. 

In the grand scheme of wildlife conservation, Toby’s story serves as a beacon of hope. In an era where youth engagement in environmental causes is increasingly vital, Toby stands as a testament to the transformative power of passion and dedication.  

The Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary isn’t just receiving financial support; it’s gaining an enthusiastic advocate who, at just 13, is proving that age is no barrier to making a meaningful impact on our planet’s future. 

You can find Toby’s collection of eco-books, hand crafted, at the Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary, and 100% of proceeds go towards the Sanctuary’s work.  

Toby’s not your average teen – he’s a wildlife superhero in the making, a passionate advocate showing us all that age is just a number when it comes to saving the planet. Hats off to Toby – and a special thanks from the Sanctuary and its marine life that you’ve supported! 🐢✨ 

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